Silky Skin Scrub

Too much summer sun may have left your skin a little dry, rough and uneven. This simple beauty treatment will help you slough off the dead skin, so that you can show off silky, smooth skin.
Silky Skin Scrub















Silky Skin Scrub Recipe:

1. Take a cup of Kosher Salt and add about 5-6 pumps of the Saison Autumn Body Oil.
2. Mix the salt so that the oil covers most of it.
3. Scoop a little bit of the mixture at a time and begin to scrub the salt all over your body. Pay extra attention to some rough areas, like your elbow, knees and heels.

Rinse off and dry yourself off with a towel. Your skin should be glowing and feeling super soft.


Autumn Body Oil

Saison Autumn Body Oil

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silky skin scrub

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