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Large pores? Small pores? How do you “shrink” your pores?

While you can’t technically change the size of your pores – thanks to genetics and your skin’s current cellular structure – however you can certainly improve the appearance of them.

Often times if your sebaceous glands are not working properly – producing too much sebum, or if too much dirt gets trapped in the gland, or the sebum hardens in the pore, it’s these impurities that make your pores look larger or more noticeable.

In these situations, we recommend a gentle chemical exfoliator to loosen the “glue” or hardened/sticky sebum from your pores. And while there are many alpha hydroxy acids (AHA) available to do the trick, many can be too harsh and cause irritation or even skin burns.

Lactic Acid is our AHA of choice. It’s the gentlest of the AHAs and is very effective at shedding dead skin cells and helping to unclog pores. It leaves skin looking bright, refreshed and renewed.

You can find Lactic Acid in the WINTER EXFOLIATING CLEANSING GEL, along with Organic Peppermint to help stimulate circulation in the face.

Winter Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

Saison Organic Winter Exfoliating Cleansing Gel

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TREATING YOUR PORES | Saison Organic Skincare

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