Autumn Beauty Tip

This time of year, your skin needs to recover from the summer sun. As it adjusts, it may produce less oil, become dry, dull and uneven. Fine lines, wrinkles, flakes and hyper-pigmentation may also become more visible. Look for products rich in Vitamin E to help improve skin hydration and speed up cellular regeneration. Products high in Vitamin C help brighten skin & stimulate collagen production to help push new skin to the surface, smoothing out fine lines.

Saison Autumn Skincare Tip - Organic Skincare

Autumn Skin Symptoms

After spending time outdoors, your skin is looking for a chance to recover from the summer sun damage. As it adjusts, you’ll notice that your skin may produce less oil, and it starts to become dry. This is also the time that fine lines, wrinkles, flakes and hyper-pigmentation may become more visible. There can also be a build up of dead skin that can make skin look dull and uneven.

Autumn Skincare Solutions

  • Don’t use harsh cleansers or over cleanse your face. You want to try and keep the natural oils on your skin in tact. This is a really good time to switch to a cleansing oil.
  • Exfoliate skin regularly to help new skin emerge to the surface. By removing the dead skin cells, this allows your treatments and moisturizers to sink into your skin more efficiently.
  • Look for antioxidant-rich ingredients that help combat free-radical damage to your skin (sunburns, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, etc.).
  • Begin layering treatment products with your moisturizer to help increase product absorption and to maximize hydration.

Autumn Moisturizer

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Autumn Beauty Tip

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