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Coconut Oil Body Lotion - Saison Summer Body Lotion

Organic Coconut Oil Body Lotion

There’s no denying the many miracle benefits of Coconut Oil, especially as a moisturizer. But applying it can sometimes be a messy, time consuming affair. The Summer Body Lotion, provides all the benefits of Organic Coconut Oil, in a very convenient, vacuum packed bottle. In fact, all of Saison Beauty bottle products feature this special air-vacuum bottles that protect the product from oxidation, contamination – and best of all, it pushes all the product straight to the top. There’s never any wasted product. Infused with a refreshing citrus scent made from pure essential oils, this organic coconut oil-based Body Lotion takes coconut oil application to the next level.

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Saison Summer Body Lotion

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organic coconut oil body lotion

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