Understanding Your Breakouts:
Skincare Face Mapping

When skin symptoms like acne, rashes, redness, hyper pigmentation or wrinkles appear on your face, it’s your body’s way of telling you that certain imbalances are occurring with your internal systems and organs. It’s a warning sign that points to potentially more serious health issues.

With Face Mapping you begin to read these symptoms and understand how it connects deeper in the body*. By understanding the underlying causes of blemishes and other skin conditions, you can determine how to prevent them from recurring. This practice has been used for thousands of years in both traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda.

*These tips and suggestions are not meant to serve as formal medical advise or treatment. For best results, please consult with a licensed medical or healthcare professional.

Skincare face mapping with Saison Organic Skincare

1  Forehead

Affected Organs: Gallbladder, Bladder, Liver
Issues: Too much fat, sugar, alcohol in the diet
Solutions: Eliminate fatty, greasy, sugary and processed food in your diet to reduce the acne. Alcohol may also be to blame and should be reduced. Drink detoxifying herbal teas and lots of fresh water. Integrate milk thistle and burdock root to your teas to help detoxify the liver.

2  Lower, Mid Forehead

Affected Organs: Stomach and Liver
Issues: Too much toxic buildup in the system, usually related to digestive health
Solutions: Cut alcohol, greasy food, processed food, sugar and diary from your diet. Increase fiber, water and herbal teas to help cleanse your system, and remove toxins from the body. Focus on a predominantly organic raw food diet to also help cleanse your system and replenish vital nutrients naturally.

3  Brow Line/Temples

Affected Organs: Kidneys
Issues: Excess alcohol, certain antibiotics and foods that may contain traces of heavy metals (e.g. fish, canned foods, etc.)
Solutions: Reduce alcohol, drugs and metal-laced foods. Also reduce other food and drinks, like coffee, that may cause additional dehydration. Incorporate more organic superfoods in your diet, including kale,broccoli or blueberries, to help flush toxins and replenish nutrients. Drink more water and find opportunities to break a sweat – exercise, steam room, sauna – to eliminate more toxins from the body.

4  Mid Cheeks

Affected Organs: Lungs and Stomach
Issues: Poor digestion and respiratory problems may build up toxins in your skin, and reduce blood flow and oxygen to your face.
Solutions: Find ways to eliminate or minimize possible food allergies, like diary and wheat gluten, from your diet. Also cut down on sugar, and avoid acidic foods like meat, alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Increase fiber intake and more alkalizing foods like green veggies and lemons. Also look for opportunities to practice different breathing exercises to help strengthen the lungs and increase oxygen flow.

5  Bridge of Nose/Upper Cheeks

Affected Organs: Heart
Issues: High blood pressure and cholesterol point to poor circulation and reduced blood flow to the face.
Solutions: Replace “bad fats” with “good fats” like Omega 3, which is found in walnuts, avocados, fish and flax seed. Decrease your intake of meat and other greasy foods. Incorporate exercise into your daily routine to increase circulation.

6  Under Eye Area

Affected Organs: Stomach, Kidneys and Liver
Issues: Internal systems are overloaded due to a poor diet and toxins, which makes it difficult for your body to digest nutrients and eliminate waste.
Solutions: Look at ways to clean up your diet and do a mild detox cleanse to help the body get rid of harmful pollutants. Increase your water intake and drink detoxifying teas with licorice root. Also, avoid drinks like coffee and alcohol, which will cause dehydration.

7  Jawline

Affected Organs: Ovaries or Colon
Issues: Hormonal changes, stress or circulatory issues can cause breakouts in this area.
Solutions: Bulk up on greens and stay hydrated during your premenstrual cycle to help minimize any hormonal breakouts. If it is more than just around your period, you may want to look into dietary changes that aid healthy elimination. Getting adequate sleep could also help minimize the breakouts.

8  Lower Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds and Around the Mouth

Affected Organs: Stomach and Liver
Issues: Food sensitivity or toxic buildup find its way to your pores
Solutions: Look to minimize possible food allergies like diary and gluten, as well as alcohol and greasy foods. Keep the body more alkaline with foods like green veggies and lemon, and avoid acidic foods like meat, diary, caffeine and sugar. Add more fiber to your diet, along with more water, to gently detox your system.

9  Chin

Affected Organs: Lymph Nodes
Issues: These breakouts are usually linked to stress or your body’s response to fighting sickness.
Solutions: Find ways to relax like with yoga or take a nap. Take time to breathe deeply. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water.


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